You don’t get it.

You don’t run errands over and over and get paid a little, enough to say that it’s somebody else’s tax.

You don’t climb a malfunctioned escalator to get to work even though almost 30% of your taxes are off your paycheck.

You don’t get too much trouble waking up early in the morning preparing your own meals an hour before your actual morning routine.

You don’t need to enumerate your budget cause damn, man, you practically owned a grocery store up your ass.

You don’t get to wait in line for hours under the scorching sun to ride the fastest train in the world and pray to God it never fails.

You don’t need to cry over wasted pieces of french fries, you don’t get to say “sorry” for bumping in someone else’s baby across the street.

You don’t get to sacrifice or pawn any fxcking thing just to pay your hospital¬†bills and keep breathing.

You don’t get to say “please” and sleep 3 hours a day to work your ass off just to pay your tuition fees.

You don’t get to feel guilty buying a cup of sundae on your mother’s birthday.

You don’t get to hear your stomach grumble for 4 days of hunger just to make the ends meet.

You don’t get to sweat on catching public transport to get home after an exhausted, unpaid over time work.

You don’t get to know enough about mercy that every man who gets in your way is shut dead with their nails removed or eyes stabbed.

You don’t get that much. So shut the fxck up.



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