Can we talk?

– Can we talk?
What do you mean ‘how’, we talked all our lives before.
You’re drunk and irrational, and that was before.
I’m not. I’ve aged and you obviously missed that part.
Excuse me?
You know, four years ago you’re the one who always talks. Can you give me THIS right now?
Okay, let us then, DRUNK MAN. How do you want to start? Oh wait, are you sure you’re going to ask for this, NOW?
Yes, I’ve gone old waiting for this, Steph. This time of day when you’re all sober, and I’m internally cleansed and emotionally twisted. Oh heavens, WE SWITCHED!
You’re making me feel uncomfortable with the way you act right now. Whatever it is I did before, I’m sorry.
This is funny but you actually didn’t do anything, and it sucks. Why are you so mean to me?
I am TO EVERYONE ELSE, Chase. You should know better, you practically lived inside my pages!
Why are you so mean and yet people around you cling too much!
Can you hear yourself right now? I can’t believe I’m IN this. You’re embarrassing yourself.
– You know what Steph, sometimes it hurts when you ignore me. What did I do to deserve this? Have I not done enough for you?
I never asked you to do anything, Chase, you’re the one who lost contact. Can’t you see how well you’ve been since I was gone?
I WAS well because I wanted to show you how happy people are with me. I thought it worked but it never did to you. You should know better, you know people more than I do and I don’t usually talk that much before. You should’ve at least NOTICED that!
I chose NOT TO because you were busy building your own world, Chase. Honestly, I’m proud of you for that. You made a lot of friends, everyone ran across your circles and I chose my own side until I ended up left out. I thought it was my queue to leave you be so I stepped out.
Be careful of what you’re about to say.
DO I NOT deserve your attention when I’m happy? Do you find me interesting only when I’m complicated and a SORE LOSER? I did everything you said from head to foot, Steph. I embarrassed myself in front of everyone repeatedly just to make you look better! Just to make you NEED ME. I was the aloof one. So I decided to change and look all perfect for you, but where have you been?
Exactly! There you said it yourself, you were HAPPY, people around you love you, Chase, more than you know and who am I to take that away from you? I stayed out of it because I’m slowly turning into someone else’s shadow and you know what comes next after that!
You know I won’t let that happen, you should’ve trusted me. If getting back to square one is what’s going to make us back I’m doing that.
You may be right, I got tired of solving your emotional puzzles before. But all you had to do was talk this out four years ago and you never did. Why just now?
So I could suspend ruining what we had BEFORE. 


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