We only see the pieces

The city where I live can be the best playground in the world

How many people are trying to get your attention?

How many people wanted to talk to you.

But they can’t Or you don’t want to.

This can be a world full of questions

Questions you can’t even understand yourself

You can’t figure out what you want

Maybe it’s right there few blocks away from you

Or it is on its way following your footsteps

You can’t be sure about time

When the sun stopped shining, you decided to stop smiling

You thought nothing is relevant just, sadness and loneliness

Nothing is behind you

You’ve got nothing to impress

You gave up lifting your spirits

Go outside, see for yourself what’s in store for you

The one thing that’s stopping you is fear Fear

That no one’s waiting outside

Leave them be, You are part of the circle,

Not having what you want is not losing it. you’ll see it soon enough

Because you chose to breathe.

Until you forget about pain.


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